Curbing Late-Night Eating Is The Way To Avoid Gaining Weight

late-night eating

The standard of a healthy and reasonable dinner is that there is no hunger when you wake up the next day. As for what to eat, you should think back to what you ate for breakfast and lunch before eating dinner, and make up for today’s nutritional deficiencies in the evening. Dinner should ensure a variety of foods, pay attention to nutritional matching, and eat more vegetables and coarse grains, so that you can take in more dietary fiber, increase gastrointestinal power, and facilitate digestion. Thus Curb late-night eating intake, so what food can be eaten at night to control weight?

  • It is best not to eat any solid food after 9:00 p.m.
  • Don’t go to bed immediately within 4 hours after dinner
  • Eat only eight minutes of dinner

Fat and love of late night eating related?

Growing fat, in the end, has nothing to do with eating late night snacks? Fruit of the slimming 2 generation experts said, according to nutrition, the best time for dinner should be about 18:00, within 4 hours after dinner, the food in the stomach is basically emptying, has entered the intestines from the stomach and began to absorb nutrients. This period and then eat late night snacks, will certainly increase the gastrointestinal burden.

As for whether the love of late night snacking can grow fat, experts say it depends on the situation. If you eat less food throughout the day, eat a hearty meal at night, such as about 125 grams of cereal, 50 grams of animal food, 20 grams of soy or soy products, 150 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of fruit. After 10 o’clock and then add a late night snack, in the day overall calorie does not exceed the standard (urban women 1800 calories, men 2200 calories), people will not gain weight.

However, in real life this kind of situation where you eat less during the day and more at night is not common, instead you eat more during the day and more at night. In this case calories will certainly exceed the limit, people will naturally grow fat. Therefore, if you do not want to gain weight, you should learn to refuse to eat late-night eating.

Curb late-night eating

Less activity in the evening to eat even less

People are more active during the day, and consume more calories. And at night, people have less activity, low calorie consumption, if you eat a lot at this time, excess energy in the role of insulin synthesis of fat stored in the body, will make weight gain, which leads to obesity.

Fruit of the slimming 2 generation of weight loss expert research shows that the correct way to eat dinner is: first, only eat 8 minutes full, to feel not hungry; second, dinner time, arranged at about 6 pm, try not to exceed 9 pm; third, after 9 pm, it is best not to eat any solid food; fourth, within four hours after dinner, do not immediately go to bed, so that the food eaten at night fully digested.

As the human stomach needs four hours to empty, many people have indigestion and bloating the next day after late-night eating, is the result of the stomach has not been emptied. Generally speaking, 2-3 hours before bedtime before eating a night snack is best, but if you want to eat a night snack, try to choose some easily digestible food it, so as not to increase the gastrointestinal burden.

Eat what kind of late night eating will not be fat

Although we do not advocate late night snacking, but people engaged in night work or study, there is an increase in the demand for energy and nutrients, in this case, on the one hand, to ensure nutritional intake; on the other hand, we must also eat some food in moderation, so as to avoid insufficient nutritional intake, affecting the efficiency of work and study in the evening. Therefore, for supplemental energy, the best late-night eating is a glass of milk, a few cookies or a boiled egg, a snack, etc., not only will not gain weight, but also can supplement nutrition.

Eating the following foods in the evening will increase satiety and is less likely to gain weight

Fruits: Fruits such as apples, tomatoes as well as bananas are suitable for consumption at any time, not only to give the body nutrition and energy, but also to easily eliminate the body’s hunger, which is good for weight loss, according to the experts of Fruity Slim 2 official website.

Nuts or food that needs to be chewed: food that needs to be chewed is easier to digest than the original directly cooked, such as a handful of nuts or green bean porridge. Chewing is able to consume calories, so eat a late-night snack, it is best to choose chewy food to help the body consume calories and reduce the conversion of calories into fat accumulation in the body, resulting in human obesity.

Milk: milk is rich in calcium, drink milk before bed can promote the body to absorb calcium, whey protein in milk can help the body burn excess fat; milk protein, will not be quickly digested, drink milk before bed will not give the burden of energy consumption at night, the next day will not feel very hungry to get up, it reduces the amount of food intake.

Whole wheat digestive biscuits: The main ingredients of digestive biscuits are whole wheat, oats and wheat fiber. Whole wheat digestives are low in calories and rich in fiber and enzymes, which not only make them easy to fill up but also help the body to excrete the stool and thus reduce weight. This is the ideal night snack that does not cause fat.

Curb late-night eating


In addition, the usual weight loss should be noted, do not overeat at night, but also do not eat, stimulate the gastrointestinal, easy to cause stomach pain and other gastrointestinal diseases. So it is best to eat something at night, but do not eat too much. do not eat after 9:00. Because the digestive power is weakened at this time, eating is likely to cause indigestion and affect the quality of sleep.

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