Does Dieting For Weight Loss Really Work?

Dieting For Weight Loss

Are you still on a dieting for weight loss? Most people lose weight during dieting start with dieting because obese people think that their body is fat because of the amount of food they eat, so by eating less food or not eating at all, they can get a slimmer body. But the body’s cycle is not so simple.

Dieting for lose weight will make you feel like you’re losing weight at first, but after a period of time the weight will not show a downward trend again, which means that the body’s metabolic capacity has dropped and the body has become fat-prone, which makes it more difficult to lose weight for so long. Dieting to lose weight is only reducing the body’s metabolic capacity, not fat loss. If you are still dieting foolishly, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight.

And dieting for lose weight after the body will only get fatter and fatter, whether you are increasing dieting efforts or adhere to the exercise, not only will the weight not drop, but you drink water if the weight will also rise, the body’s metabolic capacity is in a state of “depression”, the body is not slim down. So if you insist on dieting for a long time and have no effect, then you should not foolishly insist on dieting to lose weight.

Only by improving the body’s metabolic capacity can you effectively promote the body’s fat burning and fat loss rate. This is the real meaning of weight loss. So how can you improve your body’s metabolic capacity? These are a few ways to help you lose weight better!

Dieting for weight loss

01 Don’t diet, eat three regular meals, ensure three nutritious meals and a varied diet

Dieting is not a scientific way to lose weight. The only way to lose weight is to stick to three regular meals, control the calorie content of food, eat a light diet and replenish the body with the nutrients it needs (protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, good carbohydrates and fats and other minerals), and the food we eat on a daily basis is full of nutrient-rich substances.

Boiled and steamed foods are the mainstay of our daily life, and a variety of ingredients to ensure that our body is rich in nutrients will keep our metabolism high and speed up our body’s fat burning and fat loss.

02 Get into the habit of actively drinking water every day (1.5-2L)

The body is dehydrated, which can lead to a decrease in metabolism, so for those who want to lose weight, the only way to do so is to drink more water every day.

Drinking more water also means not drinking drinks and other beverages, etc. Drinking more water and following a scientific drinking schedule will help speed up weight loss, for example, drinking water before meals will help increase satiety, reduce appetite and reduce calories eaten.

03 Improved eating habits help to improve the body’s metabolism

Improved eating habits help to improve the body’s gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, boost the body’s functioning and improve the body’s metabolic capacity. Many people eat very quickly, which can put a lot of pressure on the stomach and intestines and affect the body’s digestion and absorption. It is important to consciously chew and swallow slowly when eating to help the digestion and absorption of the stomach and intestines.

04 Stick to a combination of cardio + strength training

Aerobic exercise improves the body’s vitality and speeds up the body’s fat burning and fat loss, while strength training helps muscle growth and maintains the body’s metabolic state. The combination of these two forms of exercise is what helps to increase the speed of weight loss and also allows you to slim down and have a good looking and lean body.

Dieting for weight loss

05 Stick to the habit of going to bed early

Going to bed early helps the body’s metabolic capacity to improve. Only when the body is rested enough and has enough time to recover, then the natural speed of functioning will increase. Going to bed early can also effectively avoid the habit of having late night snacks.

These 5 methods can ensure the body’s metabolic ability to improve, so that the body gets enough nutrients and rest after the body to maintain the vitality and power of the body, speed up the body operation, so that the body faster to slim down, to maintain the body’s vitality and energy.


So slimming weight loss, rather than dieting alone, but in terms of diet is to adjust the diet structure and the ratio of the three meals. By adjusting the diet structure to ensure a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water, you can eat sensibly, scientifically and lose weight at the same time.

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