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The Reason For Obesity

First of all, obesity is more likely to be influenced by heredity, the survey shows that 60%-70% of obese people have a family history, and the study shows that if one of the parents is obese, the risk of obesity is 40%, and if both parents are obese, then the possibility of obesity of the offspring can reach 80%. The distribution of fat content in each part of the body and the type of muscle is influenced by genetics.

Secondly, obesity is also influenced by diet. An excessive diet and an unbalanced diet will increase the possibility of obesity. Over-eating will lead to excess energy, which will lead to fat accumulation and obesity, and under-exercising will lead to more intake than output, which will lead to fat accumulation and obesity.

Exercise for weight loss

Aerobic exercise for weight loss is scientifically proven, the first 15 minutes of aerobic exercise, is mainly consumed by sugar. In the 20-30 minutes of exercise, aerobic exercise begins to burn fat, mainly in the role of lipase decomposition into glycerol and fatty acids. During aerobic exercise, glucagon secretion is enhanced along with the strengthening of sympathetic excitability.

Exercise for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss must require the dieter to engage in some kind of exercise program, without which exercise for weight loss is not possible. There are many types of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, walking, jogging, or using specialized exercise equipment, that can significantly improve obesity. Water exercise is the most promising weight loss exercise, in addition to swimming, one can also walk in the water, such as exercise can reduce the damage to the joints, but also can increase the resistance to exercise.

Domestic and foreign the impact of aerobic exercise on obesity, resulting in 4-6 weeks of regular aerobic exercise for burning fat in the body of obese people has a very positive effect. If combined with diet control, good preparation activities before exercise, and good finishing activities after exercise will make the weight loss effect more obvious.

High-intensity intermittent exercise for weight loss

Many people believe that appetite will increase after exercise and intake of more energy, and research has proved that exercise anorexia can occur after exercise, but this phenomenon is maintained for a short period of time, so it is important to adhere to regular exercise. If you adhere to regular exercise for a long time, due to the reduction of diet, the body’s energy presents a negative balance and can obviously achieve the effect of weight loss.

Diet for weight loss

For weight loss people, reasonable control of diet is the best way to lose weight, daily diet should pay attention to reducing sugar intake, in addition to fat is also the culprit of obesity, such as conditions can choose camellia oil, peanut dibasic oil, and other low-fat cooking oil, long-term consumption of weight loss effect is significant.

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