MCT Oil Benefits For Weight Loss


MCT oil is a fat derived from coconut oil and palm kernel oil. It is a popular supplement among people seeking to lose weight because it provides a quick and easy source of energy.MCT oil has many benefits for weight loss, but should be used in moderation and in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

What Is MCT Oil?

“MCTs” are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acids. They are sometimes referred to as “MCFAs”, or medium-chain fatty acids. MCT oil is a pure source of fatty acids.

MCTs are named for the length of their chemical structure. All types of fatty acids are strings of carbon and hydrogen that are linked together.

Fats are classified by how many carbon atoms they have: short-chain fats (such as butyric acid) have fewer than 6 carbon atoms, medium-chain fats have 6 to 12 carbon atoms, and long-chain fats (such as omega-3) have 13 to 21.

Medium-chain fats are more easily absorbed than long-chain fatty acids because the body has less work to break down the carbon bonds. MCTs are smaller, so they can penetrate our cell membranes more easily and do not require us to use special enzymes to get the body to use them.

What does MCT oil do that makes it a major source of healthy fats? Medium chain fats are easily digested and sent directly to your liver where they are thermogenic and have the ability to positively alter your metabolism.

This is one of the reasons many people say that MCT (including coconut oil) is burned by the body as energy or “fuel” rather than as body fat storage.

Does MCT oil help with weight loss?

First, MCT oil is a quick and easy source of energy. When MCT oil is digested, it is broken down into a form of fat called medium-chain triglycerides. These medium-chain triglycerides are then sent directly to the liver where they are converted into a form of energy called ketones. Unlike long-chain triglycerides, which must be processed by the body, medium-chain triglycerides can be quickly absorbed and converted into energy. This makes MCT oil a quick and easy source of energy, especially for people who engage in intense exercise or have a high-energy lifestyle.

Second, MCT oil can help reduce appetite. When the body converts MCTs into ketone bodies, it enters a state called ketosis. Ketosis can help reduce appetite by acting on the brain receptors that control food intake. In addition, MCTs take up less space in the stomach than other types of food, which can lead to feelings of satiety and decreased appetite.

Third, MCT oil can increase fat burning. The ketone bodies produced by MCTs can help the body go into fat burning mode. When the body is in a state of ketosis, it becomes more effective at burning fat for energy. In addition, MCTs can increase the production of adiponectin, a hormone that helps regulate the storage and breakdown of fat.

Fourth, MCT oils can improve cognitive function. MCTs are a source of quick and easy energy for the brain. They can help improve cognitive function and mood by providing a steady supply of energy to the brain. In addition, MCTs can help improve brain function by increasing the production of neurotransmitters, such as 5-hydroxytryptamine and dopamine.

How to take MCT oil

MCT oil can be consumed just like olive oil. You can use MCT oil creatively: add it to salad dressings, drizzle it over roasted vegetables, blend it into smoothies, or even add it to your morning coffee.

If you cook with MCT oil, avoid heating it to high temperatures because it has a low smoke point. As with olive oil, look for a high quality MCT oil to ensure its purity.

If you are not used to taking MCT oil, it may cause stomach upset, so it is recommended that you start with one teaspoon per day and slowly increase to two tablespoons per day as your body adjusts.

Possible side effects of MCT

Increased hunger

Although MCT oil has been shown to help with weight loss, some studies have shown that MCT supplementation can instead increase levels of the stomach hunger hormone, Ghrelin, which is a “hunger hormone” that sends out feelings of hunger. Although supplementation with MCT oil increased levels of growth hormone-releasing peptide, it was unclear from the study whether it increased the participants’ total caloric intake.

Fatty liver

Animal studies have shown that supplementation with high levels of MCT oil on top of a high-fat diet leads to a buildup of lipids (fats) in the liver. Interestingly, this is true even in the presence of reduced insulin sensitivity and whole body fat accumulation.

It is noteworthy that fat is deposited in the liver only when subjects ingest very high doses of MCT, which is not likely to be tolerated in human subjects.


MCT oil has many benefits for weight loss. It can provide a quick and easy source of energy, reduce appetite, increase fat burning, improve cognitive function, and much more. However, it is important to use MCT oil in moderation and in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program to achieve long-term weight loss success.

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