What’s the best alcohol to drink on a diet?

Low-Calorie Alcoholic

If weight loss is a practice that’s important to you right now, for whatever reason, that’s great. You might be reevaluating the food you put into your body, what time you’re eating, and more. And one place that can be a little tricky to navigate when focused on weight loss? Understanding the lowest-calorie, healthiest alcohols to drink for weight loss.

A ketogenic diet is one built on very limited amounts of carbs, often 20 to 50 grams (g) of net carbs per day. (Net carbs is grams of total carbohydrates minus fiber grams.) That is not a lot, and because alcohol is known for containing carbs, you might think that you can’t drink on a keto diet.

If you like the occasional glass of wine, you’re in luck: “Yes, you can drink alcohol on a keto diet,”

1.Vodka soda. Zero-calorie seltzer might be basic, but it also helps you stay within your calorie deficit and on track toward your weight-loss goals. Add a squeeze of fresh fruit for a little more party.

2.Rum and diet cola. Rather than your go-to rum and regular cola, make it a diet to easily reduce calories and sugar.

3.Rum and unsweetened black tea. Here’s an alternative for people who don’t want to drink any kind of cola—make it a rum and unsweetened black tea, Gorin recommends. One cup of unsweetened black tea will only add about two calories to your bev.

4.Manhattan. Don Draper was on to something. If you don’t want to drink your whiskey straight, order a classic Manhattan (whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters), which keeps calories, carbs, and sugars low.

5.Gin martini. Channeling your inner Bond will serve you well if you’re looking to lose weight. A gin martini with two olives is under 200 calories and contains virtually no sugar or carbs.

6.Paloma: The tangy pink drink, made with grapefruit and lime juice, is like a margarita without the extra calories. Opt for the fresh-squeezed stuff if you can rather than juice.

7.Champagne, seltzer, and fruit. A 4-ounce glass of bubbly isn’t much—but you can fill up the rest of your flute with seltzer and fresh fruit or mint leaves for a drink that’s yummy and low-cal.

8.Light beer. Opt for a light beer instead of the regular thing. Gorin says it’s a good way to still enjoy beer without the sam density as the usual bev.

9.Red wine. Nutritionally, there’s not much difference between red wine and white wine, but there are other benefits in choosing a pinot noir over a chardonnay. Gorin says red wine might have some nutritional pros, like a possible boost to cardiovascular health.

10.Baileys and coffee. Gorin says adding a 1.5-ounce shot of Baileys to a cup of decaf-only, since coffee is both tasty and almost a no-cal.

11.Tequila and lime splash. Vodka or tequila with a splash of lime, lemon, or grapefruit juice, and soda is a great option for a little bit of kick and juice taste.

12.Vodka and mint, cucumber, and a lime wedge. Here’s a refreshing drink for you—take muddled mint and cucumber, fresh lime juice, and mix with vodka for a super-refreshing order.

13.Margarita mixup. You can ask for specialty cocktails without the sugar, Meshulam says. For example, you can get a reduced-sugar margarita by asking for no agave.

14.Margarita on the rocks. “Take a pass on fancy frozen drinks like daiquiris and order your margarita on the rocks,” says Gans.

15.Liquor with a wedge. “Take tequila, vodka, or gin with club soda or seltzer,” says Gans. Then, add a single fruit wedge like grapefruit, lemon, or lime on the side.

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