Can Not Miss The 8 Weight Loss Tea Can Slim

Weight Loss Tea

There is no shortage of weight loss products, but these weight loss teas can achieve short-term weight loss, mainly through defecation to reduce weight, oolong tea, chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, lemon tea, barley tea, and barley malt tea and other tea for weight loss effect is obvious, usually you can choose one long-term drinking, the following are several tea drink usage.

What is the most effective tea for weight loss? Recommend these teas

1. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is effective for diet dieters, diet dieters because they usually eat less, less food residue, so it leads to dry stools, difficult to expel, the usual oolong tea brewed with boiling water can effectively help digestion, and eliminate fat and grease.

2. Job’s Tears Tea

Barley tea has the effect of clearing heat and dispelling dampness, which can effectively eliminate edema, but barley should be decocted with fresh lotus leaves and hawthorn in hot water for good effect.

3. Hawthorn Tea

Hawthorn to be decocted with water is a blessing for obese people, long-term consumption can eliminate body fat, expel body waste, and eliminate silt and phlegm.

Weight Loss Tea

4. Chen Pi Tea

Chen Pi tea is mainly to remove greasy, usually eat too many greasy things, can be very good to remove greasy, and promote digestion, Chen Pi should be brewed with boiling water.

5. Rose Tea

Rose tea is multifunctional, not only can be used to make tea but also can be infused with wine, for activating blood circulation, and treating liver and stomach gas pain has a good effect, usually warm water can be brewed.

6. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea is a relatively convenient weight loss drink, directly brewed with hot water, usually can be carried in a thermos cup, adhere to drink every day, can clear heat down fire, eliminate fat, and lower blood pressure.

Weight Loss Tea

7. Lemon Tea

Lemon tea has the effect of fat elimination and digestion but also whitens skin, is a good drink for weight loss, usually with lemon slices, add the right amount of honey and warm water to brew.

8. Barley malt tea

Barley malt tea is mainly for people who do not have smooth exhaustion in the body and are prone to bloating and stomach distension. People who are on a diet can add fried malt and hawthorn together with iced sugar water to drink, which can strengthen the stomach and open the spleen, and also harmonize the middle and lower the qi, eliminating food and distension.

Different teas have different effects, dieters can choose their favorite and suitable for their own tea to take every day, the effect of long-term persistence is very significant.

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