5 Tips to Melt Belly Fat

Belly Fat

Many people are very annoyed when they look at their big belly. So here today, we will give you several Melt Belly Fat tips that we hope will help you.

01 Reduce belly fat through exercise

Now many office workers or students, all day long will sit on the bench, this situation can easily lead to excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen. So it is important to participate in more physical exercise and let the muscles of the whole body move so that the consumption of fat can be accelerated.

The fat of the whole body is evenly distributed, so when exercising the whole body needs to be exercised, so that not only can we lose the fat of our abdomen, but also allow our whole body to consume and burn fat. But in the process of exercise, the exercise time is best controlled within 20 minutes, so that we can get fat in a short period of time, there is a certain amount of stimulation.

At the same time, it should be noted that after exercise do not drink cold drinks or drinks with high sugar content, a glass of lukewarm water is good. What is more important to note is when should I exercise?

It is recommended that we do not exercise as soon as we finish eating, which can make our stomach sag and thus induce a series of stomach problems in us. If you start exercising before you have eaten, it is recommended that you eat a banana or bread first to avoid hypoglycemia caused by exercise.

Melt Belly Fat

5 kinds of Melt Belly Fat exercise

A. Sit-ups.

Tummy reduction index.

Why sit-ups can play the effect of weight loss? Because the sit-ups targeted, can fully exercise the abdominal fat, so that the abdominal flab becomes tight, but the movement must be standard Oh, and exercise to the right amount, otherwise the next day the stomach may be sour to get up Oh.

The correct sit-up practice: supine on the mat, legs bent knees into 90 degrees or so, the palms of the feet flat on the ground. Hands can be placed behind the head, can also be placed on both sides of the body (the closer the position of the hands to the head, the stronger the abdominal muscles needed to do the action will also be more strenuous, beginners can wait for the abdominal muscles to strengthen before crossing the hands behind the head). Using the strength of the abdominal muscles slowly pull the body upward, up when exhaling, when the body rose to about 10-20 cm thick from the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles for a short pause, and then slowly lower the body back to the original position.

B: Belly dance

Belly dance in addition to being a dance art form, but also often promoted as a fitness exercise. Belly dance can increase the strength of the abdominal muscles and body flexibility, but also be able to burn a lot of excess fat, a sustained 60 minutes of belly dance, to burn 330 calories, for reducing the belly and repair waist is very helpful.

Belly dance basic movements: crotch painting 8 characters

This action is super effective in reducing the belly it. Specific methods: hands up or on the waist side, and then keep the rest of the body does not know how to move, the use of waist and abdominal muscle strength to drive the crotch in the air to draw the word “8”. You can do this action at home while watching TV, the speed does not have to be fast, but remember to be in place to draw the complete “8”.

C: air foot cycling exercise

Belly reduction index.

The reason why the air pedal cycling exercise can reduce the stomach, because the legs in the action, to use the strength of the waist and abdomen, the more in place, the more powerful the exercise on the waist and abdomen. However, we should also pay attention to not too much exercise, and it is best to perform this action before going to bed Oh, the effect will be better.

Air bicycle exercise practice: lie on your back on the bed or mat, then legs up, keep the upper body to the ground, and then feet bent knees, alternately simulate the action of pedaling a bicycle, about 30-50 times each time. If you are just starting to try, you can put a pillow under the hips for support. When doing the action, pay attention to the back of the foot is best straight, do not move too fast, slowly to do the action, feel the muscle changes in the abdomen and legs.

D: Shake hula hoop

Reduce tummy index.

Hula hoop can reduce the belly, because in the process of turning the hula hoop to fully use the strength of the waist and abdomen, reduce the belly at the same time can also shape the waist line Oh, but to choose the weight of the moderate hula hoop, too heavy words will cause load on the body, too light then shake up is also very hard Oh.

Melt Belly Fat

E: horizontal abdominal exercises

The reason why this set of horizontal ab exercises can play a role in reducing the stomach is because it is also for the abdomen and waist, first to eliminate the upper abdominal fat then the lower abdomen, and then exercise the waist line, it is worth a try oh.

Umbilical exercises: lie on the bed or floor, keep the lower body still, and then perform sit-ups, which can tighten and flatten the protruding part of the stomach.

02 Reduce belly fat by improving the way you eat

We all know that diet plays a very important role in the weight loss process, in the weight loss process to learn how to eat in order to play a weight loss effect.

First, to give you a few points, want to reduce abdominal fat, in the diet to eat more fruits or vegetables, do not eat too stimulating or greasy food. Then, pay attention to your protein intake every day, everyone needs a certain amount of protein supply, so it is the same in the process of weight loss. Only after the protein ratio in our body reaches the standard, we will feel powerful when we exercise, so that the weight loss effect will be better.

Finally, in the process of weight loss, can not be missing is water, whether we are on a diet or exercise, we should pay attention to hydration, because the most important thing in our body is the replenishment of water, if in the process of weight loss, we have a lack of water, there may be dizziness or nausea, and in serious cases will endanger our life and health.

03 Ensure a good sleep time every day

In our daily life, many young people now work too much, often stay up late, many people’s sleep time does not reach more than 8 hours. This situation is very detrimental to your weight loss. On the road to reducing belly fat, it is best to get the right amount of sleep. Because if you can’t sleep properly at night, then it may lead to a rise in the level of hormones in our body, which leads to the storage of fat in the body, which generally refers to the area around our abdomen, so a good night’s sleep becomes even more important.

04 Eat less junk food

Although spicy food, barbecue, hot pot and other food taste excellent, but is the culprit to cause abdominal flab. To lose belly, usually eat less junk food to avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, the formation of flab.

Melt Belly Fat

05 Reasonable diet

Generally speaking, three meals a day should do “breakfast to eat, Chinese food to eat well, dinner to eat less” principle. Although the three meals a day is indispensable, but also can not eat too much. Eating too much for a long time will lead to a bigger appetite and more and more fat. In addition, we should consume enough fiber and protein every day, can effectively prevent obesity. Fiber can take away the waste in the intestines and stomach, while protein helps to form muscles and avoid muscle weakness.

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